Our Expertise


Website Design, Maintenance, and Hosting

Nowadays first impressions take place online. Before clients step foot into a business, they will visit your website first. Our web specialists stand ready to guide you on developing and maintaining your first impression. Because we have our own servers, we are able to ensure continuity and ease of access. Let us develop a cost-conscientious plan for your organization.

Social Media Management

As our culture continues to shift to an online presence, organizations must do the same. Many of our small business clients find our social media management vital to their business vitality. We specialize in engaging with your customers at the right place, at the right time, with the right solutions. Did one of your employees commit a social faux pas? Is your organization's social media account being attacked by angry users? No problem. Let us handle it for you.

Media Buying

Sure, you can throw money at a billboard or TV spot. But are you getting your money's worth? Do you know how to defeat social media advertising algorithms? We do. Omni has healthy relationships with national and international media outlets that allow us to guide our clients' marketing campaigns to the right audience at the right price. Ready to start your next campaign?

Reputation & Crisis Management

$h!t happens. You cannot control everything your employees say and do off the clock. Unfortunately, personal mistakes are often cast against businesses and organizations as part of a growing online trend. Every second counts. Are you aware of what people are saying about your business? We utilize a unique, proprietary strategy to leave no stone unturned when it comes to managing your public image. Put us in coach, we're ready to play.

Promotional Items

Customers love freebies. An excellent marketing technique involves giving promotional items to clients and potential clients. Our relationships with multiple promotional vendors guarantee that your name is going on something useful and effective for the right price. Find out how Omni can help.


Your organization's legitimacy hinges on your graphic assets. Not sure what a "graphic asset" is? Don't worry. Our team of designers is prepared to form your brand from nothing or make what is old, new again. Have sales or brand morale become stagnant? In a lot of cases, re-branding is all it takes to reenergize organizations. Ready to see your brand explode?