About Us

Omni was formed as a collaboration of web and marketing experts from diverse backgrounds with one goal in mind: providing premium, one-stop-shop services for businesses and organizations. When you choose Omni, your organization becomes part of the Omni Family giving you unrestricted access to your Omni liaison. We pride ourselves in communication and accessibility. 

Worried about hiring an agency because you are in a niche industry? Our team has seen and done it all. Some of the clients we serve include players in the automotive, fabrication, off-road, healthcare, insurance, construction, legal, finance, outdoors, and retail industries. Running a political campaign or a non-profit? We have handled those, too.


What you can expect when you hire Omni:

  • Constant contact with your Omni liaison
  • Goal-oriented strategies
  • Costs savings
  • Access to new clients
  • Easily understood data
  • Honest feedback

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